Wall Sawing

Wall sawing utilizes a diamond blade on a track mounted saw to make precise vertical or horizontal cuts up to 27” deep from one side. Wall sawing can be performed from both sides of the wall resulting in a total depth of 54”. Our technicians will make precise cuts to various angles or flush to existing surfaces.

Our hydraulic and electric saws are equipped with the highest quality diamond blades for the cleanest cuts in the business. Perfect for creating doors, windows, duct penetration, and other wall openings.  In our eyes, a half-inch off is too much!

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Road and Slab Sawing – Straight Cuts in Concrete or Asphalt – In or Outdoors

Patriot Sawcutting uses only the best professional equipment available including gas, electric, and hydraulic machines equipped with high-tech diamond blades that cut through concrete and asphalt at depths up to 24” while maintaining near-perfect accuracy.

Reliable, precise cuts are made according to strict specifications to meet the most specific job requirements. The cut slabs can then be carefully removed using cranes, skid-steers, or specialized lift trucks and removed from your job.

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Core Drilling – Hole Drilling up to 42” in diameter

Equipped with state of the art electric, air, and hydraulic diamond-core drills, Patriot Sawcutting’s technicians cut holes up to 42” in diameter with expert precision.

Our high performance grade drills penetrate walls or slabs, concrete or asphalt, above or below ground, at precise, specified angles. No matter what kind of job it is, we have the equipment and know-how to stay agile and “work with the curve.”

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Specialized Breaking and Removal

Patriot Sawcutting’s specialized breaking and removal services use advanced equipment and safety to ensure your satisfaction. All stages are covered, from breaking to the removal of debris, to make your specialized jobs move quickly and precisely, meeting all job standards and requirements.

Our skilled crews use teamwork coupled with advanced equipment, methods, and safety procedures to meet your expectations and satisfaction.

  • Breaking and removing walls, slabs, vaults, or built-in structures.
  • Cutting and removing inside enclosed, limited-access areas using fume free equipment

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